The Kamil Zieliński Law Firm has prepared a number of legal opinions. Selected examples are quoted below:

  1. What are legal consequences resulting from the fact, that a limited liability company owns another limited liability company's shares, if a court decides on bankruptcy of the other company?
  2. How to establish an association in Poland?
  3. What are the rules of execution against a mortgaged real estate if a debt is not secured by a mortgage?
  1. Is a company conducting business activities concerning transportation of persons on regular as well as incidental basis allowed to provide the following other transportation services:
    1. transportation of persons from the place indicated by the passenger to the place where he/she is residing?
    2. transportation of persons from the place where the passenger is residing to the place indicated by him/her or indicated by other person?
  2. Does a preliminary contract granting the right of usage and fruit collection constitute a lease or a rent contract on the grounds of Polish law?
    1. Is a preliminary lease contract null and void, if the parties do not indicate date of conclusion of the promised contract?
    2. Can a Lesee claim compensation in a situation when the Lessor does not fulfill his obligations with regard to conclusion of the promised lease contract or fulfills his obligations inadequately? How to calculate a compensation under such circumstances?
  3. How can be lost a membership of an agricultural cooperative?
    1. Does termination of the membership of the agricultural cooperative bring negative financial consequences?
    2. How properties of the agricultural cooperative can be affected by legal actions against the Agricultural Property Agency in Warszawa?
    3. How to come into actual possession of the agricultural cooperative's properties?
  4. Is a commercial company conducting business activities concerning sale of apartments in a large real estate obliged to make payments to a hausing community on the account of a common real estate management?
    1. Is the company indicated above obliged to make payments to the hausing community due to placing an advertisement on the common real estate?
  5. What are the rules of incorporation of two commercial companies?
    1. Would it be possible to reassess a value of one of the incorporated companies, if it made a loss of 250,000 Euro?
  6. Are the company's employees exposed to factors, that are onerous and harmful for health and need to be indicated in an employment certificate?
  7. What are legal measures that enable reduction of employment costs?
  8. Can a partner within a commercial partnership/company or a client bring finincial contribution to the partnership/company?
    1. Are there legal measures to secure such contribution on a partnership's/company's property?
  9. Is it legal to terminate an employment contract without notice of termination under the following circumstances:
    1. an employee is unfit to work, obtains neither renumeration nor sickness benefit and requested for a disability benefit,
    2. the Social Insurance Company is still considering the employee's case and a decission on granting her/him the disability benefit or a rehabilitation benefit has not been issued yet?