The Law Firm counsels its Clients on transactions concerning real estates as well as broadly understood investment process. Legal Advisors specialising in real property law provide legal services on all stages of investment process.
In particular our offer embraces:

  • Analysis of a real estate's legal status.
  • Assessment of risk related to real estate acquisition.
  • Preparation as well as negotiation of contracts related to real estate's transfer.
  • Preparation of lease contracts.
  • Representation before Land and Mortgage Court.
  • Legal advice with regard to rights and obligations related to the real property's ownership, in particular concerning eviction of tenants, who do not meet their obligations or change of the estate's administrator.
  • Regulating real estate's legal status in situation when there are many co-owners and inheritance proceedings have not been initiated.
  • Vindication of consideration for utility devices seated at the real estate from the utility companies (power distribution companies, heating companies, etc.).
  • Cases concerning acquirement of a real estate by usucaption.