Ongoing legal support on permanent basis constitutes a comprehensive, "made to measure" offer designed carefully to solve the Client's ongoing problems, prevent their occurrence and jointly create a strategy for the future.

Such a model of cooperation guarantees that, apart from handling current issues, the Law Firm is able to monitor the Client's legal standing and instantly inform him/her of any need to take specific actions (e.g. in connection with changes in law). Not only Presidents of the Board of Directors, but also accountants, warehouse managers, sale managers and other professionals find unlimited access to the legal services of this kind extremely helpful.

Commercial companies

Within the frames of comprehensive legal support the Kamil Zieliński Law Firm renders the following services:

  • Providing legal assistance in cases on the grounds of civil, commercial and labor law.
  • Drafting of legal opinions and contracts, revising legal documents, reviewing draft agreements to evaluate, if they serve the Client's interests well.
  • Drafting of internal regulations and other documents.
  • Providing legal assistance with regard to ongoing business issues, conducting business negotiations on behalf of the Client.
  • Providing legal services on all stages of claim vindication.
  • Representation in course of complaint proceedings.
  • Representation in course of administrative proceedings.
  • Representation in course of court proceedings on advantageous conditions.


Legal services provided for Families constitute a comprehensive offer that embraces handling cases related to all legal acts performed by members of the beneficiary's family indicated in an annex to the contract. All the beneficiaries are entitled to the Firm's services on the same conditions.

In particular our offer includes:
  • Providing legal support with regard to ongoing legal issues,
  • Drafting of contracts,
  • Drafting of legal opinions,
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of the Client,
  • Pursuit of claims in Republic of Poland as well as abroad,
  • Representation before all authorities and public bodies,
  • Performing actions related to the Client's obligations.