The Law Firm provides assistance in pursuit of claims resulting from insurance contracts.
  1. With regard to property insurance the Firm's offer embraces services related to the following perils:
    • Fire, flood, hurricane, thunder, hailstorm, explosion, failure of water and sewage system.
    • Business interruption.
    • Damage of equipment.
    • Theft with breaking and entering.
    • Damage of property.
    • Damages resulting from transportation of goods (cargo).

  2. With regard to personal insurance the Firm provides assistance in pursuit of claims resulting from:
    • Life and endowment insurance.
    • Unfortunate accidents - bodily injury, disorder of health, death.

  3. The Law Firm also provides legal advice in cases referring to social securities. We represent employers and employees in courts and in front of public bodies. The Firm prepares appeals against the decisions of Social Insurance Company (ZUS) and Farmers' Social Security Found (KRUS) as well as statements of claim and other writings in cases concerning:
    • Pension.
    • Disability living allowance, widow's/widower's pension, child benefit.
    • Unfitness to work. Work accidents.
    • Financial benefits in case of illness and motherhood.